Welcome to my first aid related website. My name is Peter Alexandrou, and I built this website mostly because of my personal interest in first aid, CPR, defibrillation, and lifeguarding. For over 20 years now I have been involved in these areas, mostly as an instructor and instructor trainer with the Canadian Red Cross and the Canadian Lifesaving Society. If you would like to know more about me the go here. Otherwise, enjoy what you find on this site. If you have any comments send me an email (thepeter.net).

This site was originally started with only first aid related information. But, has grown to include more areas of interest. In addition, I also have a website dedicated to Occupational Health & Safety (www.safeworking.org).

In terms of first aid related subjects, here you will find general information on choosing the right type of first aid / CPR course for you. We describe the general course content, and the approximate time commitment. If you are taking this for employment or school requirements make sure you check first to know exactly which course you need to take, and that the provider is recognized.

There are courses available for almost all levels and all interests. For example, if you are planning on becoming a paramedic you should probably plan to take Standard First Aid with CPR, and probably a First Responder course. If you are planning on working part time as a baby sitter perhaps you should be considering the one day Emergency First Aid course.

We also have a very extensive section on learning first aid. This does not replace practical training, but for sure it is useful in improving your first aid knowledge and learning what to do in an emergency.

Have you ever wondered what you should have in your first aid kit? Well, usually it depends on the intended use. Is it a first aid kit for your car, or is it for your workplace? Find out more in our First Aid Kit section.

In addition to the above, we have also included sections on: